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Scripture: Matthew 6:9-13

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Take it Further:  In the Worst of Times, He Is with Me, Still  By Terre Lucas 

In churches, we’ve studied the Christian tenets of faith, obedience, social justice, and love, but I’ve not often heard a word preached on the kingdom. Pastor Mike shared a clip of Dr. Scot McKnight teaching on the five pillars that distinguish the kingdom of God. I learned two things: (1) I hadn’t given being a member of the kingdom its due honor; and (2) Some of my challenges are little kingdoms. One such little kingdom is a disease that is so all-consuming that, at times, it causes me to distance myself from the presence of God.

Note: What follows is a loose interpretation of Dr. McKnight’s work. It is not meant to oversimplify the authentic daily struggles that patients and caretakers face. Writing it out in this way allows me to reflect on what is happening and where I am or could be focusing my energy.

Until today, I saw these two kingdoms as opposites. One was true and therefore good; the other was false and therefore bad. It is as if I forgot that God is ever-present. If I saw the two extremes as contrasting concepts that reflect God’s completeness, as a merismus or merism, perhaps I’d be more effective in serving my brother, his family, myself, my Lord. Recounting God’s true kingdom helps me see that God is not Santa Claus (giving me everything I ask for), but one who guides me to greater peace and faith in knowing that he has a master plan, a kingdom plan.

Something else clicked today. The Ten Commandments, Fruit of the Spirit, Beatitudes, other doctrines, and principles throughout Scripture are not optional. They are relational building blocks for the kingdom; we are to love one another. At the same time, we are to hold one another accountable to kingdom standards. Jesus confronted the money changers, and Paul challenged Peter. We carry out different duties as a part of the body, and we are part of the kingdom. Both love and correction are necessary. We are part of something larger than


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