We love being involved with families.

Coming to faith in Jesus is the most significant decision that a person will ever make, and research tells us that the chance of a person doing so declines rapidly after the age of twelve. If we want to see more disciples of Jesus, it is crucial that we wade into their lives when they are children.

Warehouse 242 believes that the faith of the youngest members of our community is every bit as important as that of the adults. Our hope and passion is to partner with parents as they guide their children into the knowledge of God’s pursuit of them. We want parents and kids alike to know who God has created them to be, and how they can live out that identity.


Our desire is to support and equip parents in the coming weeks as our community continues to be impacted by COVID-19. We will be sharing resources and ideas to engage your family and would love to know if there are specific ways we can serve and connect with you during this time.

It is likely that your children will have questions about COVID-19, especially as their lives are impacted more. This article is a good resource that provides tools for continuing to talk about any questions or fears they may have.

Are you feeling as weary as we are with our new normal? Even though there have been some gifts during this season, we know that we were created for connection that goes deeper than what a virtual format can offer. We hope that you are giving yourself a lot of permission to feel and a lot of grace in these days. While there are lots of great resources out there, we wanted to provide something familiar to your kids. This a chance for you to see more of what happens on a typical Sunday morning at Warehouse.

Toddler & PreK

Our new series is called “Lights, Camera, Action.” In this series our kids were supposed to have fun acting out the story as we told it! Since we aren’t together, we were able to have some of our preschool friends send in videos to help tell the story. See our superstars below! We look forward to seeing more friends each week.

The Big Idea for this lesson is “My church helps me and others, and I can help my church!” and the memory verse is “Carry one another’s heavy loads. If you do, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2. Print the coloring sheet to help review and talk about today’s lesson.

And because we can all use some more peace, love and joy, we wanted to include this song!

We have started a new series called “Lights, Camera, Action.” This lesson continues Saul’s story.

Our Big Idea and memory verse continue“My church helps people, and I can help my church!”  Memory verse is “Carry one another’s heavy loads. If you do, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2.

I have a special challenge for our preschool kids this week. Print and help them fill this out, set it at the dinner table, and choose one person on the sheet to pray for.

We are taking it back to the basics with this fun song! Let’s help spread that light! 

Topher makes a come back this week with a new video about the importance of encouraging others. We also have some cute co-stars making an appearance!

Our Big Idea and memory verse continue: “My church helps people, and I can help my church!” Memory verse is “Carry one another’s heavy loads. If you do, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2.

This lesson continues to talk about this month’s big idea“My church helps people, and I can help my church!”

The memory verse is “Carry one another’s heavy loads. If you do, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2. This might be a great opportunity to talk to your child about how our church is helping to distribute food to those in need through our Covid-19 relief efforts.

In honor of the increased value of toilet paper of late, we though your little one may enjoy using toilet paper rolls to make these spring flowers!

Topher is back with a new memory verse and a new big idea in this lesson! Some special friends help us act out the story of Paul and Silas in jail to remind us that I can pray to Jesus anytime, anywhere, about anything. Our memory verse is from 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Never stop praying!

Here’s an activity to reinforce the story at home. In today’s Bible story, Paul and Silas prayed to Jesus for help, then Jesus used an earthquake to help free them from jail. Let’s play an earthquake game that helps us remember that we can pray to Jesus anytime, anywhere, and about anything.Have your child line up against one wall. Tell them they have to get to the opposite wall in whatever way you tell them to, but they can only move when you say “Green Light…GO!” When you say, “Red Light…STOP!” they must all stop immediately. Alternate between red light and green light, but periodically shout, “Earthquake!” At that point, they fall down and say, “I can pray to Jesus anytime, anywhere, and about anything.” Use the list below for ideas on methods of movement, but feel free to make up your own as well!

Methods of Movement:

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Skip
  • Hop on two feet
  • Crawl
  • Crab walk
  • Bear crawl
  • Hop on one foot
  • Twirl

For more information about Kids Warehouse or to add your information to our weekly email list, contact Heather Khoe at [email protected]


During this series we will be teaching how to identify emotions and ways to celebrate or help work through those emotions. We will be teaching children how to pray about their emotions and to call on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Our first lesson reviews of the Fruit of the Spirit before we launch into our new series. In our video, we pick up after Jesus’ death and review what happened in the book of Acts.

We are challenging our kids to try and memorize the Fruit of the Spirit, in order to be able to call on them in prayer. We have some fun games to print that will help. This lesson is going to help lay the foundation for the rest of the series.

We hope this song can be used to worship together.

This lesson we dives into the world of feelings! We know that we are all experiencing a lot of feelings right now and we have some familiar faces help us review the Fruit of the Spirit! In the coming weeks we will explore how the Fruit of the Spirit can help us with our feelings.

God created us with many different feelings and it is important to be able to identify what we are feeling so that we can know what to do our feelings! We have provided 2 tools to help kids practice identifying their feelings.

This heart gives a way for kids to name their feelings by identifying colors that represent different feelings and coloring the heart based on how much of each feeling they are experiencing.

This feeling tracker is another tool to help kids track what they are feeling this week. Kids can simply put a check mark by the feeling if they feel it at some point during the day. Feel free to change or add feelings to fit your family.

In this lesson we move from identifying feelings to expressing feelings. The heart and the feeling tracker will continue to be helpful as feelings change to identify feelings and increase our feeling vocabulary, but we have also provided this fun tool to help kids get creative about safe ways to express feelings.

And this template is designed to help kids write their own Psalm in order to express their feelings to God!

In this week’s video we focus on the emotions worry and fear. We talk about how to name our worries, how our brain works when worry strikes, and ways to ground ourselves. The Fruit of the Spirit to call upon this week is peace.

One grounding strategy we teach this week is called 5-4-3-2-1. You can print this poster to hang up at home to remind your child to use this strategy when big feelings come along. We also have the My Circle of Control Game for you to play with your child to help them identify what is in our control and what is out of our control.

We also have some resources you can print and watch to take it a step further. We have a read aloud of the book Worry Says What by Allison Edwards. The little girl in this book decides to stand up against worry and stop letting worry have a voice.

And finally, as Wes said, we can take the Psalms and make them our own. You can print this template to help your child write their own Psalm to talk to God about their worries.

In this week’s video we focus on the emotion happiness. We talk about how God created us to experience pleasure and happiness but they don’t always last. We contrast this with the Fruits of the Spirit joy and goodness and talk about how God fills us with joy in his presence (Psalm 16:11). We invite kids to respond by using this tool to think about happiness using their 5 senses.

We also would love for you to experience goodness and joy this week through baking something together. Savor something yummy and “taste and see that the Lord is GOOD” (Psalm 34:8).

Make a joyful noise by worshiping together through dancing, singing or making music.

And finally, you can print this template to help your child write their own Psalm to talk to God about what makes them feel happy.

We are talking about big emotions in this week’s video, jealousy and envy. These may be sneaking up more during this season of Covid-19. Our hope is all of the resources below will help our kids understand these emotions and begin to identify them in their own lives.

A big part of jealousy and envy is not feeling good about yourself and having negative self talk. Our challenge for you this week is to create little mailboxes to hang outside everyone’s room. Use these mailboxes to deliver positive messages to each other.

Also included is an extra resource if you want to take it a step further with your children. Watch a reading of the book “Those shoes” to talk more about envy and wanting what others have. The best is this book ends with choosing kindness!

You can also write your own Psalm or play the Disappearing Message Game.


Where is Kids Warehouse?
The entrance into Kids Warehouse is located to the right of the main door into the Warehouse 242 arena. Enter through the Kids door and continue straight to reach the Kids Warehouse check-in table.

Who is Kids Warehouse for?
4-weeks-old infants through 5th graders have classrooms ready to welcome them each Sunday morning.
Infants through kindergarten classrooms can be found on the main level.
1st grade through 5th grade have classrooms and large group space upstairs.
Your KW check-in team member will be happy to escort you and your child to the correct room and introduce you to their teacher.
If your child has already graduated 5th grade and is a rising 6th grader through 12th grade, they are in our Student Ministry age range.

How do I check-in my children?
When you arrive at the Kids Warehouse check-in table, trained volunteers will guide you through the check-in process, show you to your child’s room, and will gladly answer any questions that you have.

Who will be caring for and/or teaching my child?
Kids Warehouse is staffed entirely by volunteers. Caregivers and small group leaders have been thoroughly trained and have gone through an extensive background check.

What will my child be learning?
In Kids Warehouse, we teach the Bible through interactive storytelling, multimedia, active games, crafts, and engaging discussion.

How can I volunteer in Kids Warehouse?
Kids Warehouse is growing exponentially, so we always have opportunities for volunteers who enjoy engaging with children, and serving with excellence. Learn more about serving in Kids Warehouse.