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Our Missional Partners

It is our privilege and calling as the Church to participate in the unfolding of God’s story through engagement in the world. We desire to embody the Gospel of Jesus by being for and with our neighborhoods, the nation, and the nations. We believe participation in God’s Kingdom is meant to be both personal and in partnership with others. If you are interested in learning more about ways to engage, sign up here.

We are all created uniquely in the image of Christ with particular gifts, passions, and purpose.

We desire to be a community of people growing in our knowledge of God and of ourselves, discovering how we are individually called to participate in God’s story. For some in our community this means volunteering in their neighborhood school. For some it is helping to bring art to low-income kids. For others it is supporting a local pastor in Uganda or being part of a team to serve alongside our friends in the Dominican Republic.

We are grateful for a community that is both discovering and responding to God’s individual call on their life to engage; AND we also believe as a church we are called to partner with other organizations and individuals advancing God’s Kingdom in our city and in the world.

We value and support the work of these ministries and individuals and are grateful to partner with them in a variety of ways.