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Adult Spiritual Formation

Our God is a communal God who reigns and exists as Father, Son and Spirit. Our God, full of grace and mercy, invites us, His very special creation, into a relationship with Him. We have been given this incredible opportunity to commune with Him and to grow deeper in this relationship.

God also invites us into connection with one another. Our faith journey is not a solo venture, it is a communal one. We are formed as we seek to live in Jesus and in His ways together. Because we know that finding connection and relationships is not a one size fits all process, we offer a variety of ways for adults to connect and grow at Warehouse.

Marriage and Parenting

Join us for one of our Rooted Families classes – a space for parents to learn, question, collaborate, and share together about different topics to enrich your marriage and equip you as parents.

You can find more details and register for our current opportunities on our events page.

Have a question about parenting? Email [email protected].

Have a question about our marriage ministry? Email [email protected]

Warehouse Women

From social gatherings to short-term groups as well as our annual spring women’s retreat, there are a variety of opportunities for connection and growth for women at Warehouse.

Whether you are single or married, young or older, we desire to be a community where women can be known and experience belonging.

Details on our current opportunities can be found on our events page.

Have a question? Email [email protected]

Warehouse Men

Warehouse Men exists for the men in our community to connect with God and each other. From social gatherings to short-term groups as well as our annual fall men’s retreat, we offer a variety of ways to share life and grow together.

Whether you are single or married, younger or older, there is a place for you to connect and be known at Warehouse.

Have a question? Email [email protected]

Small Groups

Throughout the city, we gather in small groups. These groups are a collection of 10-14 people who regularly gather to eat, laugh, pray, read scripture, and serve.

A small group is a place to find life, explore faith, and grow together.

We launch new groups once or twice a year, stay tuned for more information!

Learning Cohorts + Short-term groups

In keeping with the co-horticultural tradition, cohorts are:

  1. a group of people banded together as a group.
  2. a group of allies. supporters, and companions.
  3. a group where everyone brings something to the table.

These groups are short-term offerings throughout the year to help us grow in our understanding of God, ourselves, and our faith in action as we engage in the world. Information and registration for our current Cohorts can be found on our events page. Have more questions? Email [email protected]

Rest + Return Retreats

Rest + Return is a half day retreat offered a couple of times a year at Warehouse for men and women to participate in corporate and individual times of contemplative spiritual practices.

We value creating the space for our community to pause and seek God in intentional silence and solitude and guided contemplative spiritual practices.

We believe the rest we experience in pausing like this refreshes and recenters us to return to our everyday ordinary lives more aware and attentive to the everyday presence of God.

Affinity Groups

We believe all of life is sacred and holds opportunity for spiritual formation. Affinity groups are a way to connect with others around a shared interest (be it reading, writing, cooking, gardening, etc.).

These are our current affinity groups:

Social Justice Book Club

The Social Justice Book Club meets every other month for those wanting to dig deeper into social justice issues and be transformed by God’s Spirit. All are welcome!

Check out our events page for the next gathering.

Writing Group

Our Writing Group meets quarterly to provide a place of encouragement, support, and practice for writers of all levels in our community.

Artist Circle

Join other artists on the 2nd Thursdays in person at Warehouse 242 and the the 4th Thursdays on Zoom for a time of connection and formation that will include elements of art prompts, constructive critique, and art making. Email [email protected] for more information.