We believe in Generation Z.

Our students are a part of Generation Z, which is a global, social, visual, and technologically fluent generation. They are the first to speak up at injustice and pioneer a new way to do things. They are growing up in a season of creativity and chaos, as social roles take on new meaning and traditional systems take a back seat.  We believe that Gen Z’s unique gifts and characteristics are an epic force for good, and with the right partnership and coaching, their capacity to birth a better tomorrow is boundless. We link arms with parents to steward the gift of Gen Z toward a life that fully embraces the call of Christ. Here you will find community among students and mentors, resources for parents, opportunities to serve the church and the world, and creative communication of the good news that is ageless, timeless, and handmade for Gen Z.

We are on a mission to see our world turned upside down in all the right ways by diving into the deep end of God’s word and God’s world.

Church at Home Youth & Students Resources

Henry will be hosting connections with students over Zoom each Sunday at 7:30p and creating video lessons for students as we move through these strange days together, sheltered by the wings of God and anticipating Christ’s return!

For more information on youth activities contact Henry Kritikos at [email protected]

Warehouse Students Lesson on Exodus 1

Warehouse Students Lesson on Exodus 1

Warehouse Students Lesson on Psalm 16 – Pleasure

Warehouse Students Lesson on Psalm 31 – Abandonment

Warehouse Students Lesson on Psalm 13 – Longing for Joy, Feat. Amanda Kritikos

Warehouse 242 Students meet for breakfast and cohorts every Sunday from 8:30 to 9:30a. Cohorts are grouped by age and are designed to provide opportunities for dynamic teaching, small group engagement, and joyous fellowship.


On the final Sunday of each month, students meet during the cohort hour with a trained mentor. These mentors serve as the primary touchpoint for students to explore their faith with a trusted adult with no agenda but to be with them on their spiritual journey.  To get plugged in, email Henry Kritikos.


Warehouse Students link arms with community partners to benefit our city and better our world. We love serving our neighborhood school, Ashley Park, for clean-up days and service projects. We partner with organizations like Changed Choices to support and learn from families affected by incarceration. We travel to the Dominican Republic with By Grace Alone Ministries to support students there in their English education. We engage with the world in dozens of smaller ways in order to promote the restoration of Christ’s Kingdom here on Earth.


Warehouse Students gather regularly for homework meet-ups, movie nights, out of town trips, and overnight shenanigans. From white water rafting to laser tag, we believe that one of the best way to create community is through having the time of our lives together.

Warehouse Students Lesson on Exodus 2

Warehouse Students Lesson on Psalm 121

Warehouse Students Lesson on Psalm 1

Warehouse Students Lesson on Mark 16

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are student ministries for?

Students are invited to join us when they are rising 6th graders through 12th grade. Small Groups are divided by age.

How often do you meet?

Students meet every Sunday from 8:30-9:30a and have several social, service, or small group events during the course of a quarter.

Who will be leading my child?

Warehouse Students is lead by a team of excellent volunteers. Youth Leaders love engaging with adolescents and have been trained to serve as mentors.  Every volunteer has gone through extensive background checks and is subject to oversight and discipline by the staff and elders of Warehouse 242.

How can I volunteer with Students?

As Warehouse Students continues to grow, the opportunity to pour into the lives of young people continues to abound. If you want to impact lives and want to learn more about serving, email Henry Kritikos.