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About Us

The statement above serves as both an expression of who we are and who we hope to be – our imagined future. We long to seek after Jesus, to abide in Him, to live life in His ways.

What we hope for:

What is primary is our desire to rest in our security in Jesus, to become more like Him day after day, and become Jesus-like as we engage His world. Relationships matter – a lot. We long for honest and healthy relationships with God, others, creation, and even ourselves. Dr. Neal Plantinga once noted that sin is the vandalism of shalom and thus, our hope is to accept God’s invitation to play our part in the restoration of relationships and the reestablishment of peace in our world.

What we hold fast to:

  • God is good – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • His true word is hopeful and helpful
  • He is worthy of our worship
  • We are messy – but He meets us in the mess, adopts and rescues us
  • Community matters – no one should be left out
  • We are all inherently creative – and God invites us to be co-creators on this adventure
  • We are called to engage God’s world and people made in His image with great hope
  • We serve a just God who cares deeply about justice and righteousness on earth as it is in Heaven

Where we came from:

Warehouse 242 was planted in the fall of 1999 by Forest Hill Church. Although we currently meet in a Warehouse, we were initially a mobile church meeting in a couple of different places in the city. Back then, Forest Hill was a member of the EPC (a global movement of Presbyterian Churches) to whom we remain committed.

The name Warehouse came from a desire for our church to be a place where people come in and are sent out into the world, much like items in a warehouse but without all the extra packaging. 242 is a reference to a verse in the book of Acts in the New Testament of the Bible. Acts tells the story of the birth of the church, and Acts 2:42 describes how the first followers of Jesus met to learn together, pray together, eat together, and live life together. We long to embody these 4 parts of the life of the early church.

Hello and Welcome -

I love the honesty of our Identity Statement: we are a community of imperfect people, beloved by Jesus, seeking to live in Him and in His ways.

As a local church, we hold fast to this identity statement as it names our reality (imperfect but beloved) and our hopes and dreams (seeking Jesus and living out of His abundance). Warehouse 242 finds herself in a season flush with hope and wonder. We are overwhelmed with God’s steadfast love. Our staff and elders (see below) are deeply committed to one another, the health of our community, engagement with neighbors and nations, creativity, spiritual formation, and celebration. At our core, we long to remain faithful to Jesus and find our rest and identity in Him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this little note – my family and I are eager to meet you!

Grace and Peace,

Mike Lawrie
Lead Pastor
Warehouse 242

Our Staff

Our staff team is a creative and talented crew committed to leading and serving our community as we follow Jesus together. Hover over a picture to learn a little more about each person.

Our Elders

Elders are nominated and elected volunteer shepherds of the church whose primary task is to discern the mind of Christ for a particular Christian community. Rooted in the New Testament picture of the church, elders are Christ followers that serve the church as shepherds and overseers. Active elders serve a 3 year term on session but remain elders once they roll off the active session and continue to serve as leaders in the church.

Active session

  • Bill Morgan
  • Jess Fischli
  • Joel Kuehn – Clerk of Session
  • Lon Adams
  • Mike Lawrie – Teaching Elder
  • Ross Cole
  • Tamara Park
  • Terre Lucas

Inactive session

  • Barry Cutshall
  • Deirdre Martin
  • Holly Norton
  • Joshua Landry
  • Lica Garnett
  • Kathi Graves
  • Kurt Graves
  • Laura Strahl
  • Roxanne Morgan