The Problem with Pretending

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Scripture: Genesis 12:10-20

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Take It Further: The Lambs Are Weary by Kim Cameron

The land is lush and the water is plenty.

The lambs are satisfied.

You are close.

The fences are sturdy, and the gates are solid.

The lambs are safe.

You are close.

The shepherd is young and strong.

The lambs are secure.

You are close.

The wolves are far beyond the hills.

The lambs are unaware.

You are close.

The years go by and the grass is dry.

The lambs are thirsty.

Yet you are close.

Storms roll in and skies darken.

The lambs are shaken.

Yet you are close.

The shepherd wanders, and the guard is down.

The lambs are lonely.

You are still close.

The fences rot and the gate falls.

The lambs are unsteady.

Yet you are close.

The wolves travel over the hills and their calls are heard.

The lambs are weary.

Yet you are always close.

Danger looms and the lambs are shaken.

Securities falter and guards stray.

The days may darken and run into years,

Yet you are always close.



Lord, help me during these unusual days to rest in the knowledge that whatever surrounds me, whether feast or famine, you are close, and my peace is with you. Amen.


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