When hope feels laughable

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Scripture: Genesis 18:1-21

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Take It Further: Laughable Hope by Dara Weaver


Two laughs ring out

in the dry heat,

One incredulous,

joy teasing the edges

of hope into soundwaves, reverberating.

The other laugh curdles

with cynicism (or grief?),

a sob.


While Abraham’s faith

counted as righteousness,

hope died in Sarah’s throat

long ago.

In her despair, she withdrew,

crawled under the covers

and would not come out.

But at the word of God, she mustered one last try…

then—miracle!—her heart’s desire.

She named him, “Laughter.”



We pay so much attention to the words of God,

but do we hear his questions?

Adam, where are you?

Cain, where is your brother?

Abraham, where is your wife?

Where are you? Where are they?

(They are not where he expected.)


Church of Christ, where are you?

You are not where he expected.

He looks for you in places where his son would be,

(with the poor, the under-represented, the oppressed)

if he were here.


Have you allowed futility

to drain your bones


when hope feels laughable?


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