Patterns of Prayer

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Scripture: Matthew 6:5-15

Worship: Watch on Youtube.

Family Resources: Our team has created great church at home resources for children and students. We also have a pocket-sized prayer card you can download.

Take it Further: The Prize by Ross Wilbanks


A plastic gem lying between
A closer look and my morning routine.

I pick it up. Reflection bends
To knot and gnarl, unfortunate ends.

But later on, out in the sun,
Notice the power of its shine undone.

Mirror’s cast rays in blocks of white
Reflecting thin worlds inside the hot light.


My tire flat. On the bypass
The gem again. A fake. Realized it’s glass,
Or quartz, even a tumbler’s chip.
Pocketed it anyway and wound up
Using it: toss and tricks with kids,
Good luck rubs…and all the hoopla I did:
Still a vanishing mass itself.


Glass and plastic gems, diamond shaped,
When lit among the real and fake
Still fit well into the diadem’s frame.
Father, ours…hallowed be your name.


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