A New Normal

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Scripture: Psalm 85

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Take it Further: An Unspooling Prayer of Love, Truth, Justice, and Shalom by Ross Wilbanks

There is a mercy from you Lord that,
while we writhe,
unable to turn,
you hold us in place.
An axis.
A first understanding.

There is a truth in you Lord that;
I can’t argue with a mountain.
And to excavate such a mountain,
begins the making of little hills.

And you use those little hills
to bring justice.
Once surrounded,
we can’t help but look up.

Once surrounded,
we can’t help but look up.And when we look up, missing our mountain,
asking for Heaven:
quietness and assurance forever,
you bring our dim view down.
Down for those who are far off
and those who are near.

Your hand, whose shadow is as large as the sky.
Each star
crafted for the contents of our lips.
The sacrifice of praise.
As many as you will call.


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*Note: If you wish, you can look up this and other Bible passages online at youversion.com
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