Examining our Hearts

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Scripture: Psalm 73

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Take it Further: The Confession by Kim Cameron

The cut is deep, at times, searing pain

blood orange ebbs and flows, the tide creeps

yet higher.

Body. Soul. pulled under.

raging dark violet seas

crashing violently – the rock.

The current carries lifeless bodies far away,

my body – home.

Everything strangely familiar.

Everyone familiarly strange.

My house is full, yet I am home – alone.

Not one soul known – barefoot, trapped

looking outward

into a world right side up

while I am upside down – looking up?

I confess, I am lost.

He is faithful and I am in the moment,

at rest.




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*Note: If you wish, you can look up this and other Bible passages online at youversion.com
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