Longing / Joy

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Scripture: Psalm 13

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Take it Further: “Fight Song” by Ross Wilbanks

Look and hear Lord, lighten my eyes.
Stuck in awful known repetition.
At a fool’s pace, stuck on the cries
After the worst I can remember.

Speaking, pleading, bring back the power
Of a moment’s encounter with others.
No one left listening, varied by hours
Of answers undone, swift and clever.

Ring the dim bell. This decrepit hotel
Casts my enemies same in back-and-forth phrases.
One day when everyone left. And I overslept.
I saw every trap door that leads to the dawn.
Upside down and lead to the dawn. I heard:

Abiding and changeless
Laughing at a soul’s defense
Of eternity in a day.

Look and hear Lord, lighten my eyes.
Held still in your unknown repetition.


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