Impatience / Patience

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Scripture: Psalm 40

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Take it Further: “Waiting” by Dara Weaver

The almanac said it would be
warm enough this week,
warm enough to plant seeds,
so I did.
Now I am pulling my sweater
back out from the attic closet
and still I’m shivering.
The seed packet says they
germinate at seventy-five degrees,
but it’s 55 and starting to rain.

I stand at the window and wait.
I yell at the cat
to get off the table.
I criticize him for his laziness.
I wanted flowers!
Instead I get this cold, miserable

Turns out these kinds of seeds
Like to “stratify”.
They need a good, long nap
in the cold before the warm sun
can tease them awake.
More of them will sprout this way
than would have otherwise.
Who knew?

Now I wait another sixty-some
endless days
for blossoms.


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