Your Will Be Done

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Scripture: Matthew 6:9-10

The LamentFinisterre by David White

Take It Further:A Daily Bread” By Julie Cramer

In the beginning, light parsed the void, sending out a leveling line;
By it, we waver between thine and mine, in search of everything since— Some sort of sign.

In the beginning, we sift our days, hunting gold in the gravel; We deserve every cent. By it, we measure all that we find, trading our souls for power, control—
Our desires unfettered, our wills hell-bent.

In the beginning, we work, hustle, grind; pound for pound, we demand our rights. By it, we codify freedom, and we’ll be damned if we don’t—
All love aside, our wills and our words incite and ignite.

In the end, we come again to the beginning; El Camino of living, our journey of time; By it, we set our face to the wind, our howling a poetry, our grieving a prayer—
Our desperation torn off, burnt freely, a pyre.

Oh, can we trust? Can we trust the Divine?
The Word, the Beginning; thy will, my desire. Help me let go— We are called so much higher.


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