Scripture: Mark 2:1-12

Lament: What is it that you want most in this life?

Take It Further: “The Question of the Heart”
by Ross Wilbanks
The room no longer has a roof. The rain gets in.
Screams can, in the end, be heard. Say it quietly.
Walk. Your sins are forgiven.  Declared blasphemy.

I can’t envision all the sins are forgiven.
Now that everyone is revealing everything.
Jesus’ understanding splays the reasoning.

Injustices of capital and its climates.
Getting to know the great wide world connected.
Still wake up in the morning having forgotten.

Blasphemy and sin turning tables within words.
Sealed declarations, saved, unknowing how to act.
The annoyances of forgiveness in the past.

It’s sad to think I can improve on you, healer.
Or add thoughts, but you encourage piggybacking.
A paralytic’s friends blessed for roof re-rigging.

My construction is social: charity dinners.
Terri, Dan and Ken: talk to them, laugh about it too.
Even bring the homeless in. My little social zoo.

In my mud-pie play, I sense new sins peeling off.
Like us, one bum shouts opinions to the others.
One kept silent protection—are we all sinners?

Never ready to say sin, so, get up and walk.
Death after death: to be constantly forgiven.
Death beyond death: so you remember you have them.


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