Union with Christ and his mission

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Scripture: Matthew 11:28-30 NIV

The Lament: Weariness” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Take It Further:A Facade Facing the Sunday Sermon” By Ross Telford Wilbanks

‘How lurid looks this soul of mine.’

Longfellow cast the unseen skin.

Live life in Christ.  In Christ we dine.

Ways intersect, remain unbroken.


i stops tasks.  i is i in Christ.

No distance changed in trials and trust.

Yes.  Yes.  But, yes; they preached with eyes:

Jesus keeps company with us.


The circle-song of grace, God’s love.

Obedience given within,

Sets a neckband around my heart.

Must make good spoken grace and sin.


Longfellow cast the unseen skin,

Words aglow with hunger hollow.

I won’t doubt.  Can’t believe either.

I won’t doubt but I will follow.


Living-water, too stupid to say.

Before the fire withered and burnt.

Tip-toed or trodden, yokes remain.

Sing dumb for clang-colors well-learned.


The circle-song is oscillating.

Thoughts uncontrolled the river burns.

Sounded waters said roiling.

Colliding lights of garland stirs.


Garland upon my head now spins.

I am low with air solid cold

And mind blank.  Where does it begin?

Yes.  You shall find rest for your souls.


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