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Scripture: Psalm 6

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Take It Further: Eddy” by Dara Weaver

I wandered into the woods
after the rain.
The soft ground squelched
under my feet,
water swelled above the rubber
edges of my shoes
and seeped inside.

I paused when I got to the creek.
It was higher than usual,
a gurgling eddy tumultuously
swirling where, before the rain,
it had been peaceful.

The Mallard nest next to the water
washed away last night.

Change wrought quickly, suddenly,

now reflective of the rushing,

I feel inside of me.

I linger.
I breathe.
My lungs swell with air heavy-laden with the scent
of flowers.

The trees have not ceased their riotous throwing of life-spores.
The sun rose as it always does,
rising as it always does
after the rain.

We know the sun to be faithful, loyal,
sometimes the one and only constant
in a world of change;
as faithful,
as Your love is,
which holds me.


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