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Scripture: Mark 1:14-20

The Lament: Where am I going? What am I waiting for? (scene from “Waiting from Godot”)If you missed this week’s Talk, here are a couple quick ideas for you to Take It Further.

Take it Further: “A New Year’s Meditation” by Gabrielle Redcay

The world’s conscience seems to awaken with three simple words: Happy New Year!

 Suddenly everyone and their mothers hurry to do more, to be better—signing up for gym memberships; hunting volunteer opportunities; cracking open the first book on their ambitious reading lists. In the flurry of new-year excitement, do we ever stop and think about the reason we set these resolutions? We know we’re going to fail—each passing year is evidence—so why do we even try?  

 Repent. Believe. Follow.  

 Soon the freshness of this new decade will fade. The everydayness of Wednesday mornings will become reality. Some days will feel like victories. We didn’t snap at our child. We woke up early to read God’s Word. We went to the gym even after an exhausting day.  

But more frequently, we will feel defeated. The car will need to be washed. The dog will need to be trained. The pizza delivery guy will have become a close acquaintance. The Way that looked so straight at the beginning will bend sharply around unexpected corners. With each step, we encounter new distractions, challenges, and quandaries. What’s really important? What’s not?  

Repent. Believe. Follow.  

We were never promised an easy journey; that wasn’t a part of the deal. And we were never told to stride in our own strength. Instead, our hope lies far beyond the rocky ground crunching under our weary feat. Our hope lies in Jesus, the glorious Light that guides us, counsels us, and comforts us along The Way.  

Jesus doesn’t expect perfection, and he doesn’t require skill. He allows the hills and valleys because everything that needs to be learned about The Way is learned along The Way. Will we choose to trust him?

Repent. Believe. Follow.



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