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Scripture: Mark 9:2-13

The Lament:  Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Take It Further: “Coming down the mountain with your head in the clouds” by Ross Wilbanks


A nurse.


I get dizzy.  I have to stop thinking about my funeral.

I can rest in a grand affair.

My Lancaster copper casket covered in flowers.  Keeps bugs out.

My daughter says she loves me, where?

She’s staying silent too long.  Let her hug the flowers when I die.


Tell me I help people and you love that I can help so many

Everyday.  Try it.  Everyday.

Table tops you eat on.  Sidewalks to walk on.  Everyday is flat.

You forget in the everyday.

Bleach the blood out of the white sheets everyday.  Just don’t miss the day.


I’m a nurse.  One day white turns grey when all the blood is washed out.  Not my fault.


So send me the clouds,

I’ll wander and follow.

Send me the clouds so,

I’ll walk in an’wallow.


Whitney Houston could sing; my flowers.  Carry me in my coffin.

What does anybody say then!

The street tilts all the way up when my funeral rides along, where?

Enemies will be ants at best.

But I get dizzy, have to stop talking about my funeral.


A bus driver.


Bus drivers are real counselors.  The bus drivers are ministers

And the good ones care everyday.

I have to work on Saturdays occasionally, and Sundays

When the boss begs, I’m Mr. Thanks.

Love when riders come in rare, ‘Too high to die.’  One man said.  The good moods.

‘And too many highs for you, man.’  Tired not knowing what that’s like.

What am I going to say to that?

I say, ‘On everyday roads in unremembered repetition.’


So send me the clouds,

I’ll wander and follow.

Send me the clouds so,

I’ll walk in an’wallow.


A new bus arrived today, man…

White n’blue.  The white, it poured out so bright.  No scrubbing.  No cleaning.

Just gleaming.  I rap a little.

The day was perfect.  No dispatch, everyone’s talking and on time…


I even sat down home and thought,

‘It’s stupid but for the first time it’s lovely to sit down.’

Best part is the bus ain’t mine but

I was in charge today, and I could just ride and enjoy the clean.



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