Destroying and Rebuilding

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Worship Set: 03/15/20 playlist  by Josh Acuff

Scripture: Mark 11:1-25

Video: 3/15/20 Video Sermon

Take it Further:  this temple by Dara Weaver


disassemble me

disassemble me until not one stone stands upon another.

dismantle the walls that shut out, that shut in, that define my edges.

define my edges as Yours, fluid, inclusive,

Spirit moving as breath over formless water.


rebuild me

rebuild me with You at my center,


holding every part of me with stability,

holding every one of us, holding every piece of us.


remake me

remake me until I become

a place where all people

can breathe together with me in prayer—

Yahweh, You Are, i am, we are,


until we are




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