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Scripture: Mark 7:1-23 

The Lament: “Psalm 51” NIV

Take It Further: “The Good Little Church Girl” by Kim Cameron

the picture perfect model

daily, hourly, ticking off each good deed 

a lifetime of acting the part, being the part

show up at nine,

yes sir, yes ma’am

play with the children

visit the elderly

give at every turn

sing in the choir

lead the worship

be the first to pray

stay late 

memorize the verse

lead the team to first

excellence or nothing

yes to every ask


never look to the right or left

avoid all sin and where it haunts

multiply the deeds

keep busy

rebuke all things, all people that don’t measure up

any, every slippery slope avoid.


But then ideas clashed


look away,  but what about the Good Samaritan

don’t speak,  but what about the woman at the well

the rules, just love each other 

tradition, this is my cup

teaching, read my word

preaching, discern 

intentional, well meaning

and still totally lost

a lifetime of not understanding 

while doing right

why are things still not right?

nothing to make sense of the gray

the parts of this world that don’t measure up

the parts of me that are unlovable unforgivable

a knowing without a relationship

a striving to be something, anything, for everyone, for anyone 

but then there is nothing 


but anger, betrayal, fear 

there is longing, lostness

there is danger and there is defeat 

finally giving up


But then he spoke


You are wonderfully and beautifully made

I formed you,

I have always loved you

no act can add to it or take it away

you do not need to hide any longer

you should not be something for someone else

you need to only love me,

You need to accept, believe,

to shine


But then wait, this can’t be it 


a lifetime wasted if this is so

so much pain for nothing


Not wasted my daughter, this is what it took for you to find me 


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