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ScriptureMark 5:21-43

The Lament: Fears Gas Station at Midnight comedy sketch by Sebastian Maniscalpo

Take It Further: “Three Testimonies from Mark 5:21–40” by Ross Wilbanks


I have learned the law. It’s become a quiet charm.

Your authority comes from neighboring alarms.

Jesus, all that I cling to is dust on your feet.

In their clustering crowds I can have you outright.

I have to scream at your proclamations of sleep.

Follow your soundless signals cast into the night.

I whisper, ‘Fear quiets you but you won’t listen.’

I hear, ‘Fear speaks loudly for ornamentation.’


A Woman Is Healed

In the hands of Healers, I’ve learned what’s left.

Answers with no rights to why I’m bereft.

At a living end, I come behind you

Touching only your clothes. Hands passing through

Healers, I’ve learned, foster confidence, tease

My unknown relentless impurity.

Words that are light, Lord: Daughter. Go in peace.

Infections drain upward, freefalling defeat.


Jarius’ Little Daughter

I was tired. I ate too much, so I went to sleep.

I was lying in the water. A big snake saw me.

He wasn’t scary so I followed him around and

Around. Lots of sad trees with smoke flying off. No sounds.

The trees were brown. The big snake tried to punch trees. His tongue.

Would go faster and faster but then he still missed them.

The big snake got mad. I was not scared. The pretty smoke

Was flying higher. I was hungry. Then I woke up.


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