A Magic Deeper Still

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Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

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Take It Further: Magic Deeper Still by Terre Lucas

If God, as Christians describe him, is “good” and “powerful,” then how can something like the new coronavirus pandemic happen? Most everyone has been affected by this disease in some way. While I’ve heard many loving responses, I’ve listened to a few less-than-loving exchanges between well-intended Christians and other believers. Harsh believers miss the opportunity to build up others by lecturing them about being the light and showing God’s love to those who doubt or are afraid.


A Christian who has a tender moment doesn’t necessarily doubt the goodness or the power of God. They may merely be wrestling with their humanity. Rather than chastising someone for risking vulnerability, can we gently remind them that God, in his goodness, cares enough to send them a like-minded believer to be by their side at such a time as this? If someone who is on the fence witnesses this, all the better. Our loving care for one another may likely touch their hearts.


Sometimes we misunderstand power, in part, because we live in a world that seemingly relishes in “get-it-done.” When things go wrong, we want God to step in and make it better. When he doesn’t, it can become hard to trust his plan. We forget that great demonstrations of power may require allowing a situation to play itself out. Trusting God, in those instances, can become even harder, but consider this, where would we be if Jesus had not died on the cross? We often attribute power to having a solid plan. The women approached the tomb, fretting about moving the stone. The removal of the stone was not to provide the women access to Jesus but to ensure they were witnesses to the empty tomb. They could not have planned for the real desired outcome. Not only must we learn to trust God, but we also must learn when to restrain ourselves for the greater good and recognize things beyond our abilities.


To be clear, God can do anything. However, in times like this, we want to connect events. But can we view outcomes as being on a parallel track? Countries are experiencing noticeably improved differences in their air quality because of sustained behavioral changes. Calls to honor our elders are coming from various corners of society worldwide. Technology is making it possible for people who are separated by thousands of miles to share—even enjoy—a worship experience. God didn’t need COVID-19 for this to happen. But what is the commonality here, and does it please him? In our interdependence, we have put the greater good ahead of ourselves.


Pray for wisdom on how God would have us show a greater sense of love for other Christians. Trust in him. Intuitively allow others to find their way. Act boldly to strengthen our communities. There is a deeper magic, and maybe it is being resurrected in each of us.


We’d love to hear from you. Please share with us below your thoughts and insight. We would love to see Take it Further be a place where as a community we dialog, and together we all take the conversation further.

*Note: If you wish, you can look up this and other Bible passages online at youversion.com
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