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Each week, we provide resources for you to take the Sunday teaching further, and pursue a deeper relationship with God through prayer, scripture, and time spent asking questions. Click on one of the links below to listen to the talk, see related resources, and read a reflection piece written by a member of the Warehouse community.

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Here are a few of our most recent sermons:

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We are living in the midst of a global pandemic, and many of our daily lives have been up-ended as we improvise our way through this new reality. All of the changes and restrictions, plus the uncertainty of how long the pandemic will last and what impact it will have, surface a whirlwind of emotion, whether fear, gratitude, confusion, peace, anger, and more. Do all these emotions belong in the life of faith? What do we do when we experience strong emotions, and how do we bring what we feel into conversation with God and others?

As God’s inspired prayer book, the Psalms show us what it’s like to interact with God in the midst of any situation. As a result, the Psalms are a fitting companion for times like these (or any other time!) because they give voice to every emotion and guide us in bringing those emotions into conversation with God. This series will explore how select Psalms help us practice emotional honesty, health, and resilience during these bewildering times, while keeping our eyes fixed on Jes