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Each week, we provide resources for you to take the Sunday teaching further, and pursue a deeper relationship with God through prayer, scripture, and time spent asking questions. Click on one of the links below to listen to the talk, see related resources, and read a reflection piece written by a member of the Warehouse community.

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Follow Series

In his groundbreaking work on theatre called The Empty Space, Peter Brook wrote about how true, living theatre is both holy and rough. Holy theatre is about the invisible made visible, the inexplicable draw of beauty, and the ecstasy of spiritual encounter. Rough theatre is about all the gritty details that make the story real: physical bodies, sweat, raw emotions, the creaking stage, the immediate surroundings. The holy and rough make the story come alive on stage.

Likewise, within the theatre of God’s story and the drama of our discipleship, the holy and rough are always at play. Every moment in our journey of following Jesus is shot through with the holy presence of the Spirit, invisible powers, and spiritual battle, and yet all this happens within the rough realities of work rhythms, house repair, meal preparation, family dynamics, and physical challenges. In other words, following Jesus is simultaneously mundane and miraculous. Discipleship has an everydayness to it while also tapping into eternal realities beyond explanation. Growing as a disciple of Jesus, therefore, involves staying attentive to all the holy moments of encountering the triune God within the rough-and-tumble nature of real life.

The story of Abraham and his family shows us the dynamic interplay between holy and rough. As we explore this story over the next ten weeks, we have an opportunity to grapple with the basics of our own holy and rough discipleship journey. We’ll explore together what it looks like to follow Jesus within rough moments like discerning a call, navigating conflict with family, dealing with doubts about God’s promises, and facing our own mortality.