Our desire is to see those who are part of the Warehouse community experience an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus that has a transformational effect on their soul. While we do not believe that there are defined points of having arrived at spirituality, nonetheless we recognize that people in our community are on a continuum toward increasing depth and intimacy with God.

Our goal is to help individuals at any place along that continuum understand how to continue to move forward toward spiritual wholeness. Warehouse seeks to provide three primary types of vehicles to enhance spiritual growth: catalytic events and learning environments, small group communities, and resources emphasizing the ancient paths of scripture reading, prayer and community.

At Warehouse we are passionate about the process of seeing each other experience transformation at our core. We are uninterested in simplistic answers or mere external behavior change. We seek heart and soul change that awakens us to who God made us to be, stripped of the facades, honest about our brokenness, experiencing the reality of the presence of Christ and the life that He has for us.