Community is an action word

Warehouse has organized itself around community. Our small groups, our family ministries, our Kids Warehouse, and our leaders all desire to foster authentic relationships with others and truer connections with God. We long for this to be so. However, it may feel risky to get to know people. And at times we will certainly fail you as a community. So, we ask for grace on the front end and pray for forgiveness en route and encourage you to join us, just as you are.

We may think we can handle it for a time. We manage our loneliness. We pride ourselves in our self-sufficiency. We see how long we can outlast isolation.

But as many times we vow not to trust again, not to let people in like the last time, not be hurt anymore, we can’t help wanting to be connected to others. Something in us desires to be known. And—if we dare admit it – we long to be loved. Our human experience is less than human without relationships.  We at Warehouse are committed to being a relational community.

But we are far from relational gurus. We’ve been hurt, and we’ve screwed up friendships. What gives us our direction—and conviction—that community matters is God. We believe that our ache for relationship not only tells us about ourselves, it reveals God’s nature. God is relational to the core. The very essence and mystery of God is that the Divine lives as Father, Son, and Spirit. Not only does God live in Community, the Father sacrificed His very Son to bring us into true relationship with Himself. His extravagant pursuit of relationship with us gives us hope that we are to pursue relationships with each other.

So our intent is to connect.  We gather relationally because we value deep and meaningful relationships.  We gather formationally because we value devotional opportunities where we are formed into the image of Jesus.  We gather missionally  because we value an intentional lifestyle of service, justice and mission.

Medium Groups

Medium Groups are periodic gatherings with a specific purpose. These spiritual formation gatherings of 20-60 people are designed help us explore and grow in our faith journey and help us understand how to invest into those around us.

MARRIAGE & PARENTING // Look for our seasonal offerings to enrich our marriages and equip us as parents.

WAREHOUSE WOMEN // There are many unique opportunities for connection and growth for women at Warehouse. Whether you are single or married, young or older, there is a place for you to connect, grow, and be known at Warehouse.

WAREHOUSE MEN // Warehouse Men exists for the men in our community to connect with God and each other. We believe our lives were meant to intersect, and that we flourish and grow when we share life together. Whether you are single or married, younger or older, there is a place for you to connect, grow, and be known at Warehouse.


Author Douglas Copeland once noted, “If you’re going to be inspired by anyone, be inspired by people who have been exactly where you are now.”  For many of us we need the counsel and inspiration from a wise and tested sojourner who has walked a similar path to our own. This one-on-one offering is designed to be relational and formational leading us to places to explore, grow and invest.

Small Groups

Faith thrives in community and becomes weak in isolation. So, we have small groups. These groups are a collection of 10-14 people who regularly gather to eat, laugh, pray, read scripture, and serve. A small group is a place to find life, explore faith, and grow together. Questions?