About Warehouse 242

Our Mission
We are a church for the city that exists to cultivate missional followers of Jesus. We do this as a group of ordinary, flawed people who are grateful to have a part in God’s mission to make all things new here in Charlotte. Our name, Warehouse 242, tells a story. Yes, we meet in an old trucking terminal, but it goes deeper than that. A warehouse is a place where everything is in motion, where things come in but don’t stay there for long. Our church is similar. We love gathering and growing together, but this propels us to move out into the city to make culture and love our neighbors. The 242 in our name is a reference to a verse in the New Testament of the Bible (Acts 2:42) that describes how the first followers of Jesus adopted the same pattern: gathering together to learn, pray, and support each other and then going out to serve their neighbors and spread the good news. No church should be an island, and we are grateful to be connected to a global network of churches called the EPC. We resonate with their statement of essential beliefs regarding the Bible, God, his mission through Jesus and the Spirit, the good news about relationship with Him, and our life together as the church.

Core Commitments

In addition to these essential beliefs, there are several core commitments that define our particular DNA as a church:

TRUTH | We affirm that God is the source of all truth, and we can know this truth by observing nature, reading the Bible, encountering Jesus, and receiving the Spirit. This means that truth is cosmic, story-shaped, and relational rather than private, abstract, and impersonal, motivating us toward robust cultural engagement and honest conversations.

CREATIVITY | We celebrate how art and creativity reflect the beauty and character of God and contribute to God’s creative work of making all things new. Because of this, we embrace art and creativity as integral to our identity and mission, not merely illustrative or decorative.

JUSTICE | We trust that one day, based on God’s promises, poverty, suffering, injustice, and evil will not exist. In the meantime, we respond to real needs in our city and the world, not merely by providing temporary relief, but by addressing the root problems and developing long-term partnerships that affirm the dignity of our neighbors, both locally in West Charlotte and around the world.

COMMUNITY | When God calls us into relationship with him, he calls us into community: not just any community, but a group of people dedicated to giving each other high support and high challenge. Living out authentic and vulnerable relationships is the heart of our mission, because people will know our God by the way we love each other. We gather often and we grow holistically, confident that God is making all things new.