Warehouse Talks is a quarterly gathering of city leaders, community organizers, social entrepreneurs, faith communities, and justice advocates that are tackling the underlying city-wide issues that can enable Charlotte to truly thrive.

FEBRUARY 06 / Rethinking Incarceration

The United States incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners (2.3 million people), impacting thousands of local families and neighborhoods. While this is a national crisis, we can feel the impacts of mass incarceration here every day in Charlotte.

What could it look like for Charlotte to wade into the lives of the people and neighborhoods that are affected by the before, during, and after effects on our neighbors? How can our city start new conversations about the realities that formerly-incarcerated Charlotteans experience?

What can you do to hear the voices of mass incarceration in our community?

Join us in exploring how incarceration affects the Queen City as we advocate for justice that restores.


Dominique DuBois Gilliard / Author of “Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice that Restores
Braxton Winston / Charlotte City Council Member At-Large & Community Organizer
Toussaint Romain / Public Defender, Peacemaker & Community Advocate
Ramona Brant / Incarceration Justice Advocate & Clemency Recipient from President Obama
Myra Clark / Executive Director at The Center for Community Transitions

Take A First Step

Rethinking Incarceration by Dominique DuBois Gilliard
13th: The Documentary Available on Netflix
Community Presentation Series
with Race Matters for Juvenile Justice
Just Leadership USA (attached)
Changed Choices &
The Center for Community Transitions

Get Informed. Get Closer.

Get Informed: Read a Book or Watch a Film
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

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