We respond to God by investing our lives in the spiritual, physical, and material needs of others.

We believe that real service is not found in painful drudgery (i.e. “I serve because I ought to”), but rather as a missional opportunity (i.e. “I believe in the mission of Warehouse, and my service allows the mission to be fulfilled. I serve because I want to.”).

“When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.” Proverbs 11:10
The most rewarding service at Warehouse takes place when a person serves in an area where they are gifted and passionate. When that happens, not only does the server benefit, but the whole community benefits as well (Ephesians 4:16). This is the exciting interplay of dynamic service.

Our heart is to live out our calling to inconvenience ourselves, so that our friends and neighbors can flourish (Luke 10:25-37). As followers of Jesus, a life of service is the countercultural ethos that we hope defines us.

It’s time to get started serving.

There is life in investing your time in other people. Jump into serving and we will help you find the best place to connect and contribute.

Serving In Our Community


At Warehouse 242 we believe that children’s ministry is a pivotal part of carrying out our mission. Each Sunday, we have the opportunity to impact over 130 kids and to watch their faith grow. We have the ability to shape how children view God, how they understand their image in Christ, and how they live that out.

The Barna Research Group recently released a staggering statistic: the probability of someone embracing Jesus as their Savior before the age of 12 is 32%, but that stat drops to 6% thereafter. So, Kids Warehouse provides an incredible opportunity to share Christ with these little people when they are the most open and impressionable.

To learn more about how you can get involved in Kids Warehouse, check out our current Kids Warehouse Service Opportunities.

Get Involved Outside Our Walls


Warehouse is committed to ending homelessness for both the chronic and transitional homeless. With more than 6,000 homeless neighbors in our city, including over 3,000 homeless children who attend public school, we start by using our resources to serve those who lack the most basic of necessities—a safe place to sleep, and food to eat. We do so by partnering with organizations who are putting an end to homelessness through programs that get results. Our two ongoing partnerships are with Charlotte Family Housing and Room in the Inn. Additionally, we are committed to preserving affordable and decent housing for our neighbors through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Our partnership extends to both new construction and to critical home repair.


Warehouse longs to be a church that makes Charlotte rejoice. The city may not always understand us, but we want to leave a legacy of impact. Our city focus will be primarily on the neighborhoods to whom we have geographic proximity: Camp Greene and Westerly Hills. And with five public schools less than 4 miles from our front door, and more than 1,200 at-risk students in these neighborhoods, investing in the next generation will be our primary focus.

In addition to strengthening local schools, after school and summer programs, we will also continue to provide affordable and decent housing, along with critical home repair to our neighbors in need. In all that we do, Warehouse believes wholeheartedly in the mantra of providing a “hand up” and not a “handout” to those we serve.


Internationally, we have followed God’s call to sub-Saharan Africa for the purposes of serving communities disproportionately affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We believe the best way to make a lasting impact is to invest in local economies through Income Generating Activities. We fully support the philosophy that “The purpose of aid is to get people off aid.”  Our LiveBirds investment in Zimbabwe is an example of this philosophy in action. In short, we aim to “Put AIDS to Work,” believing that work provides dignity.