We respond to God by investing our lives in the spiritual, physical, and material needs of others.

We believe that real service is not found in painful drudgery (i.e. “I serve because I ought to”), but rather as a missional opportunity (i.e. “I believe in the mission of Warehouse, and my service allows the mission to be fulfilled. I serve because I want to.”).

“When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices.” Proverbs 11:10
The most rewarding service at Warehouse takes place when a person serves in an area where they are gifted and passionate. When that happens, not only does the server benefit, but the whole community benefits as well (Ephesians 4:16). This is the exciting interplay of dynamic service.

Our heart is to live out our calling to inconvenience ourselves, so that our friends and neighbors can flourish (Luke 10:25-37). As followers of Jesus, a life of service is the countercultural ethos that we hope defines us.

There is life in investing your time in other people. Jump into serving and we will help you find the best place to connect and contribute. Let us know the areas you’d be willing to serve in by clicking here.

Serving In Our Community

We believe everyone has a particular gift or skill that can be utilized to help the church function beautifully and accomplish our mission (Romans 12:3-8). When you serve out of who you are, not only does it benefit others, but it’s also a critical part of your own spiritual formation process. If you don’t know how you are wired to serve, begin by taking this spiritual gift inventory.

As you consider how you want to serve, keep in mind that Jesus never promised that following him would be easy, but he did promise that it would bring joy. Committing to serve regularly requires denying yourself (Luke 9:23), but we do so joyfully, because investing in others is an essential part of our spiritual formation process that leads to a fully alive existence.

We have lots of ways to get plugged in by serving in our community! Let us know the areas you’d be willing to serve in by clicking here.

Parking / Be one of the first people to welcome folks on Sunday morning by guiding them to a parking spot with a smile.

Coffee / Everyone loves a good beverage, and serving people what they love brings a lot of joy.

Greeting / If you love to make people feel welcome, join this team that prepares our worship space and greets people at the doors.

Artist / Creativity is one of our core commitments, so if you are gifted artist, let us know so you can help lead us.

Production / Help make Sunday happen by playing a critical role behind the scenes at the sound board,  media desk, behind the camera for livestream or as an online host (virtual) or podcast mixer (virtual).

Kids Warehouse / Every Sunday dozens of committed volunteers engage with and lead our kids during the worship service.

Musician / Creativity is one of our core commitments, so if you are gifted as a musician, let us know so you can help lead us.

Warehouse Students / Every Wednesday our students meet to grow closer to God and each other, and the leaders who invest in their lives are critical in that process.

Building & Grounds / Our building & grounds team will be available to tackle various odd jobs around our building and grounds outside of our annual Building Beautiful Days like simple repairs, grounds maintenance, minor painting, etc..

Communion Bread Maker / Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast….Four mundane ingredients transform into communion bread every month, thanks to our team of bakers. Whether you are an experienced bread baker or want to learn how, we are looking for others to join us.

Prayer / Beyond praying for people throughout the week, we have a team of people prepared and available to pray with and for people on Sunday mornings.



Get Involved Outside Our Walls


Jesus remembers the children saying, “The Kingdom belongs to such as these.”

Now is the time to surround youth with a village. From local foster care and adoption, to holistic community development in the Dominican Republic and Zimbabwe, partnering with Ashley Park PreK-8, and the promotion of high-quality art education, W242 is committed to affirming the gifts, talents, and potential of resilient children and youth as leaders in this generation and the next.

Learn more by checking out Warehouse Talks from January 2019 on Resilient Children

Ashley Park PreK-8
Reading Mentors: Contact Marc Dickmann
Ravens Uganda

Lorien Academy of the Arts
Dominican Republic Medical & ELS Teams
Congregations for Kids (foster care & adoption)
Hope for Kids Zimbabwe


Jesus knows the pain of incarceration saying, “You visited me in prison.” 

Now is the time to welcome local parents and youth into a restorative community. From furnishing apartments, to letter writing, providing transportation and support groups led by practitioners, to the annual Advent banquet with families whose loved ones are incarcerated, W242 is committed to dignified friendships where those unlike each other grow into an understanding that all of us are affected by incarceration. When one part of the body suffers, we all suffer. Dr. King said, “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.”

Learn more by checking out Warehouse Talks from February 2018 on Rethinking Mass Incarceration.

Changed Choices
Families Doing Time


We partner with By Grace Alone Ministries as they continue the long-term development of the Fuente de Vida project near Santo Domingo. This involves strengthening the capacity of local leaders to bring urgent medical assistance, educational development, small business startups, and pastor training opportunities to materially poor neighbors. Through short-term listening trips, Warehouse 242 has the opportunity to experience the project firsthand and experience global development while learning with and from local Dominican leaders who know the communities best.
While the COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily deferred our planning and scheduling of future short-term listening trips, we are still supporting By Grace Alone Ministries local efforts in the Dominican Republic.
For more information on how to be involved, email [email protected].