Apr 2016
Long Arc 10: Foreshadowing

If you missed this week’s Talk, here are a couple quick ideas for you to Take It Further. > Before listening to the MP3, look up the Biblical text for the day. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Bible. Feel free to use the web link above, or visit for easy access to an online Bible with study notes. > What strikes you about this text? Are you surprised by anything? Are you puzzled by anything? Write down some general observations. > If you were to summarize the Big Idea......

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Jan 2016
Long Arc 1: Annointing

David’s story begins as an ordinary shepherd. Then Samuel anoints him future king, which changes how he approaches the long arc of his life. While Saul’s arc bends toward ruin, what, if anything, keeps the arc of David’s life bending toward beauty? Psalm 23 gives us a window into how David engages with God as he faces the mystery of the long arc, teaching us how to do the same....

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