Dive in at Warehouse.

Warehouse 242 is a home for people that want more out of life, their relationships, and the world. We are journeying together to become missional followers of Jesus — as people who are invested in our city and the lives of our neighbors.

Everyone’s journey is unique, but in the midst of our independence, Warehouse describes a simple model we can use to remember the ways we dive into our community, our church, and our relationship with Jesus Christ. This model isn’t a straight path to follow. This simple tool makes vivid three beautiful ways for us to move deeper, together.

We Explore. // Every great adventure is marked by exploration. We want everything we do to be invaded by a thirst for more opportunities, more moments, and more connections that move us deeper in faith and involvement. If you’re new to Warehouse, there is a lot to explore. If you’ve been around for a decade, you’re not done — there are countless chances to explore new avenues. If you’re just starting out, join us on Sunday, take a look at the ways you can jump onto a team inside our walls or take a class that shows you new insight. Exploring is about ​asking good questions, unleashing your imagination, and keeping your curiosity alive.

We Grow. // When we stop growing, we start dying. As we explore all the ways we can get involved, it’s vital that we see that exploration as a way to grow and expand our relationships and love. Whether you’re meeting with a small group each week, taking a class on a specific spiritual discipline, or serving in West Charlotte, you can grow. Spiritual, relational, and emotional growth isn’t just for the new or the old. Growth is the hallmark of believing there is more to the world than what we see every day. Growing is about adopting Christlike attitudes, perspectives, and habits and submitting more deeply to God’s will.

We Invest. // A life lived in isolation is rarely worth living. The best way to break out of a shell of isolation is to explore the ways we can invest in the world around us. There are simple ways to invest — through giving back the financial resources we have, volunteering in our schools, or serving on Sunday — and there are complex moments that we can grasp as opportunities to truly dive into the lives around us. All of these are ways to invest in making our community new again; thriving in the name of God on earth. Investing is about serving out of who you are, loving your neighbors, and increasing their capacity to flourish.

This process of spiritual formation is integrated rather than linear, with the goal being to keep taking next steps in each area. If you’re exploring and growing but not investing and finding ways to serve, you’ll slip into a place of self-centeredness that’s hazardous to your spiritual health. If you’re exploring and investing but not growing, you’ll start floundering in the shallows. And if you’re growing and investing but not exploring, you’ll become stagnant through lack of curiosity, wonder, and imagination. We commit to never stop Exploring, Growing, and Investing together as a way to discover the great hope that God has created for us.