Warehouse Christmas EveWe’re used to having new people around Warehouse. We figure that about 20% of the people that walk through our doors each week have been here for less than a month.
But all that means nothing if you’re the new guy (or gal) and you don’t know what’s going on. This is our simple guide to finding your way around Warehouse 242.


We are a community of ordinary, flawed people who are pursuing our purpose on this planet. As a church, we exist FOR the city. Our mission is to bring the people of Charlotte closer to God and His love – and to create great change here and around the world because of it.
Warehouse 242 is a name with two parts. A warehouse is a junction point where nothing is ever still, and nothing should stay for too long. It is a place in motion – pieces of the puzzle moving in, being impacted, and moving out constantly. We want to be a place like that. We want new faces and elements moving in all the time, and people who have been changed for the better moving out into the city to change it – to impact it for the better.
242 is a reference to a verse in the book of Acts, which is in the New Testament of the Bible. The book tells the story of the birth of the church, and Acts 2:42 describes how the first followers of Jesus met to pray together, eat together, and live life together.


As a church that exists IN the city — just a few blocks from the skyscraper banks uptown — but that is aware of its immediate surroundings — in the heart of West Charlotte in Camp Greene/Ashley Park, we face toward the city and choose to invest our time, effort, money, and hope in the future of the neighborhoods where we live.
We all meet together on Sunday morning for the Gathering, but we also meet in small groups during the week — all across the city — to impact each others’ lives and the community around us.


If you come to our warehouse building on Wilkinson on Sunday morning, you can expect to find a an old trucking terminal full of art, music, coffee, and people of every flavor. The walls are filled with original art from within W242. The front half of the building hosts 150+ kids each week. The back half of the building is home to a coffee room, working art gallery, and an arena where we meet at 9AM and 10.40AM.
The services are both the same, and include lots of music from many perspectives and honest Biblical teaching that never forgets that we live in a real city and have real lives.

Do you have more questions? E-mail [email protected] and we’ll get it to the right person.


The Warehouse 242 weekly gatherings are held just west of uptown at 9.00 am and 10.40 am on Sunday morning, regardless of the weather. Our address is 2307 Wilkinson Blvd, and the door to the main arena is down on the left hand side of the building. Follow the steps up to the loading dock and someone will show you the way from there.