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The Transformative Power of the Enneagram

The Enneagram is having a moment. Everywhere we turn, someone is talking about it and we’re rushing out to “find our type” so we can chime in at the next party or on social media. Problem is, many of us are left frustrated when a quick test leaves us even more confused. So we give up. Or worse, we reach for whatever “seems right” (or looks the most appealing) just to get the label. The process stops there and we’re left thinking, “So what’s the big deal?”

What we fail to grasp is the true power behind this ancient and very complex tool. Finding our type may happen quickly and easily for some, but for many it could take months or years. And that’s okay! That process, in and of itself, can be important and transformational. A journey into the Enneagram will, over years reveal to us that we are not who we think we are. We do the right things for the wrong reasons. We are compulsively selfish when we want to be generously loving. We do not know ourselves as well as we think we do. But when we courageously accept this challenge to plumb the depths of our particular version of the “false self,” we begin to accept the presence and the weakness of it, we slowly begin to grow into our true selves. It’s truly a paradox.

Jesus is the source of total change in our lives and in our world. Our hope is to use this ancient tool called Enneagram to help us to wrestle with the implications of Christ’s Gospel and expand our worldview. In this Cohort, we will look more closely at the process of “finding your type” and you’ll receive some additional resources to help you on your journey. We will skim the surface of the Enneagram symbol (the 9 types, the wings, the arrows) to give a basic understanding of how it can be used and then provide you with basic and practical tips for using it in conjunction with various other spiritual disciplines in your day-to-day life that will assist you in your daily walk toward transformation.

Childcare will be provided, so be sure and indicate if you’ll need it when you register.



March 3


8:30 am - 9:30 am


Warehouse 242 Blue Room
2307 Wilkinson Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28208 United States



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