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We will gather twice this weekend. On Friday we’ll come together at 7PM for Tenebrae — a night of original art, music, and spoken word that marks the last moments of Jesus’ life on earth. On Sunday, we celebrate true joy in marking Easter — we will re-examine the story of Jesus’ plan to rescue us from a broken world.

We expect transformation in the midst of being struck by the reality that God is pursuing every one of us. To that end, our community is coming together to celebrate and gather around a desire to know more about how God desires to transform our lives.

Every year this is the high water mark in terms of attendance at Warehouse. It is the south after all, and many people who will not ordinarily attend a church will choose this day to do so. We have TWO services that are identical: one at 9am and one at 10.40am.

What does that mean for us as a community? Two things:
1> Choose an Event, and Invite a Friend. This is a prime week to pray about and invite a friend to come with you to Warehouse. Your friends and co-workers will likely be more open to an invitation this week than any other week in the year. We have two distinctly different ways for people to explore Warehouse, through Friday’s Tenebrae meditation and Sunday’s celebration and picnic. Let’s leverage these opportunities for the sake of getting the gospel to as many people as possible.
2> We want to see you there. With lots of new people in attendance, who often sit back and watch, it is important to have as many of our community there as possible in order to bring energy to our gathering, and provide a warm, welcoming presence. The needs are high. You are a critical component to making this a positive experience for those who visit.
God’s story is powerful and important. Easter is a great time to invite friends to be surprised by God’s pursuit of them.
Here’s the nitty-gritty sound-bite information:
> Friday evening is a Tenebrae service, filled with raw emotion, original art and music. It starts at 7pm, and has a separate event for kids in the front of the building.
> Sunday is an Easter celebration of life and hope that will include stories of hope, marking the personal, experiential power of Christ in individual lives. Following the second service, we’ll have an open picnic at Nevin Community Park for all of Warehouse. Bring your own food/drinks. We’ll supply the shelter and the gathering place.
Each compelling in their own right, linked certainly, yet divergent enough in theme and approach to ask the question, who do I invite? The simple answer? Invite the person to the event that has the best hope of continuing the dialogue you already have with them. May God move through us as we engage in life-affirming conversation.


April 14, 2017


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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