We’re so glad you’ve reached out to Warehouse 242 for Benevolence Care.

We affirm that all of God’s children, regardless of their current circumstance, have been equipped with gifts and personal assets by which they can contribute value and beauty to their communities. We all have received from God, and we all have something unique and important to offer God’s world and God’s people.

Please take some time to read the policy considerations below and complete the following sections and let us know if you have questions. Our team is available to assist with general budgeting questions, pastoral care, and referrals to other resources across the city of Charlotte, NC. Someone will be back in touch with you within five days or less. Those who submit the necessary forms will be treated with confidentiality, sensitivity and dignity by the Benevolence Team and Pastors.

Grace + Peace,
Warehouse 242

Who can request benevolence?
[W242 participating members (PMs), attendees, family of PMs, neighbors]

What kind of help can I receive?
People have all kinds of needs, and W242’s Benevolence Fund is set aside to assist those with the following:
Housing + Utilities (disaster + emergency relief)

What is the process after I complete a request ?
Someone from the W242 Benevolence Team will contact you to discuss your request within 5 business days or less of receiving your form. Benevolence is not a loan or given in exchange for services. Cash payments are not given to applicants, so you may be asked for documentation that will help us make direct payments to others on your behalf [utility company, landlord, etc.]. For questions, please write to [email protected] or call W242 at 704-344-9242.


Click here to complete the Warehouse 242 Benevolence Request.