The Skinny: November 3, 2019

Headlines & Sunday Announcements

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 ~ 7:30pm 

Come learn about the situation at the border based on first-hand experiences or first-eye accounts. Learn about not only asylum seekers, but also how the current situation is different now from the past. We’ll unpack a larger picture of immigration and how the living church can respond from a distance, and how the border is linked with Charlotte, NC. Opportunities to learn about organizations on the ground with resources, books, and articles will be provided.

Sunday, November 24, 2019 ~ 11:30am 

Join us for the Fall Soup-athon! Plan on serving your best soup recipe and devouring some delicious offerings from each other. Once again, it is a contest and the prize is beyond fabulous! Bring your family, friends, and and big apatite!

November 2019 

It’s good to remember that when we give to the church, it not only enables our building and ministries to function beautifully and our staff to maintain healthy rhythms, but it also enables us to support local and global justice partners, provide assistance to people in our church and beyond, and host events that allow us to deepen relationships with each other while having an impact on our city. We look forward to sharing more about these opportunities as time allows and unfolding a coordinated giving strategy for regular general fund tithes and special offerings in the months ahead.

Practically speaking, although our new budget is $100,000 less than last year, we have much less cash on hand than last year and a smaller giving base (You can download summaries of the previous fiscal year and the new fiscal year to get the details). As such, if giving levels remain the same, we will likely continue to experience a gap between expenses and giving, but an increase of $6,000/month would alleviate any concerns.

November 2019 

We’ve been invited once again to hang out with K-8 students as Reading Mentors! We’d love to help keep classrooms full this year so that every child has a Buddy. As of last week, they still need 16 volunteer mentors. If you were involved last year, you do not need to take the Active Reading Training class again. However, you WILL need to complete the CMS Pre-Approval Form.

There are opportunities to participate in the HELPS program where you will be partnered with three 3rd graders for 10-15 minute one-on-one tutoring sessions. This is a one hour, once a week commitment. You can also connect with the new Augustine Literacy Project that works to improve the reading, spelling and writing skills of low income children who struggle with literacy.

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