Fake Belief

We live in a culture of authenticity in which the most important thing is to be true to yourself.

But it’s important to ask the question: to which self am I being true?

What if I’m being true to my false self? Is there a new, true self that I have yet to fully discover and enjoy? What does it looks like to live out of my true self with real belief rather than live out of my false self with fake belief?

The New Testament letter 1 John is an appeal for followers of Jesus to embrace a real Savior and live out of their true selves with real faith. The authenticity of that faith is shown in their beliefs, their actions, and their attitudes. Overall, John is writing this appeal for real faith not only because the reality of Christ demands it, but because embracing such faith leads to genuine joy.

This series will be an opportunity to dismantle ways of believing, living, and feeling that operate out of our false selves rather than our true selves in Christ, and to build a picture week by week of what authentic faith looks like in our everyday lives.