Listen. The Seven Letter Revelation

Many voices are vying for our attention every day. It’s easy to feel inundated and overwhelmed by the normal, regular, always-occurring messages that scream for attention from our phones, our friends, the television, and the world around us. We hear far more than we can really take in, and in the midst of this madness, it can be really difficult to discern what deserves our attention.

During this season of Lent, we’re going to examine one beautiful idea: Listening to the Spirit is necessary for our spiritual survival and fullness of life.  Our tendencies and patterns to not listen, selectively listen, or mistakenly listen, can so easily get in the way of truly understanding God’s will for our lives and the beautiful path He has for us.

For the next forty days, we’ll be walking through the seven letters written to seven ancient churches by the Apostle John while he was living on a small Greek island 50 years after the death of Jesus. From those letters, we will learn that when we are listening to the Spirit, we will hear: Affirmation, Confrontation, and Promise.

What is the Spirit saying to Warehouse 242 and the church in Charlotte? How can we listen for the Spirit’s voice and respond appropriately?