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Do I have to check my brain at the door?

Many people who affirm biblical authority assume that science is wrong. And many people who affirm scientific authority assume that the Bible is wrong. But what if we could affirm both the Bible and science as we seek to understand our world and what it means to be human? Is it possible to affirm the creation account in Genesis 1-3 while at the same time affirming insights from evolutionary, genetic, biological, and behavioral science? What do we do with apparent contradictions?

The goal of this series is to develop an honest anthropology through a literary-historical reading of Genesis 1-3 combined with sustained attention to scientific research and recent advances. In doing so, we hope that anyone who experiences this series will see that being a follower of Jesus and affirming biblical authority does not require “checking my brain at the door.” In fact, dealing well with both the Bible and science requires that we bring our full brains and our whole selves to the process of discovering what it means to be human.

As a result, we intend for this series to be an encouragement for those who work in the sciences and will equip everyone in the community to develop a robust worldview for engaging with culture and their neighbors. For those who may belong to the church yet do not yet believe in Jesus, we hope this series will remove common barriers to faith for those with a high respect for science. And finally, we believe there are numerous practical implications for how we love God and how that flows from an honest anthropology, and each week will focus on a practical takeaway for our everyday lives and stories from those who have wrestled with the integration of faith and science.

On the four Sundays that deal with particular topics (Feb 10 – Mar 3), we will have a catered, talkback lunch after the service for open Q&A. There are limited spaces, but each person in the congregation will be able to sign up for the lunch that most interests them and have the opportunity to ask their questions and dig in deeper.

Resources to check out:

Our companion book to the series:
Mere Science and Christian Faith: Bridging the Divide with Emerging Adults / Greg Cootsona

Looking for Wes’ book list from the Human Sexuality week?
Understanding Gender Dysphoria / Yarhouse
Redeeming Sex / Hirsh
God, Sexuality, and the Self / Coakley
Lost in the Cosmos / Walker Percy
Disunity in Christ / Cleveland
Space at the Table / Brad and Drew Harper
Sex God / Rob Bell
Intimate Allies / Allender & Longman
Washed and Waiting /Hill
Changing Our Mind / Gushee

Looking for the books Scot McKnight and Wes used in the Adam & Eve week?
Four Views of the Historical Adam / Ardel B. Caneday et al., ed.,
Science and Faith: Friend or Foes? / C. John Collins
The Lost World of Adam and Eve / John Walton
Adam and the Genome: Reading Scripture after Genetic Science / Scot McKnight & Dennis Vennema
Theological Anthropology: A Guide for the Perplexed / Marc Cortez