The Many and The One

How is God both one and many? How is it possible to understand the rich — and sometimes confusing — nature of who God is in three forms?

When we embrace the mystery, beauty, and challenge of living in a unified community of diverse person, we open ourselves to experiencing more of God. True community is a way of knowing, experiencing, and being drawn into the life of the triune God.

Because the Trinity can be so difficult to understand, one of the best way to grasp God’s one-and-many identity is to explore the imprints or traces of the Trinity in the world and in our lives. We will track down traces of the Trinity in community, art, and nature. Each week will explore not only the diversity-in-unity that’s inherent in those areas of life, but how the triune God is present and active in and through community, art, and nature as a way of drawing us into the community, beauty, and cosmic reality of God’s eternal life.

The purpose of this series is to provide an introduction and enticement into one of the most mysterious, magnificent, and important doctrines of the Christian faith: that there is one God who exists as the mutual indwelling of Father, Son, and Spirit. Not only is this who God is, but the whole world bears the imprint of God’s trinitarian being and the purpose of our existence is to be drawn more deeply into the life, love, and communion of Father, Son, and Spirit.