Welcome: True Hospitality

From beginning to end, the biblical story is about hospitality and welcome.

The story begins with God creating the world as a place of welcome for his image-bearers, and after they reject that welcome, the rest of the story is about God welcoming his people back home. The high point of the story is when God comes in the person of Jesus to ensure welcome for everyone, no matter how hostile they’ve been toward God. In Christ, God proclaims a definitive “you’re welcome.” When you receive that radical welcome, you are then transformed to welcome others in the same way.

Over the course of seven weeks, we get to explore how hospitality forms the heart of God’s story and ours. In doing so, we hope to reclaim the practice of hospitality in our individual lives and corporate life as a church. As Henri Nouwen wrote,

“If there is any concept worth restoring to its original depth and evocative potential, it is the concept of hospitality.”

What does it look like to receive God’s welcome? What barriers stand in the way of us welcoming each other, our neighbors, and even strangers? How can we move past those barriers and embrace new, hospitable habits?

Our Outline

October 14 / Risk / Abraham’s Welcome
October 21 / Courage / Rahab’s Welcome
October 28 / Gratitude / Israel’s Welcome
November 04 / Compassion / Boaz’s Welcome
November 11 / Joy / Jesus’ Welcome
November 18 / Compromise / The Church’s Welcome, part 1
November 25 / Mystery / The Church’s Welcome, part 2