Reclaiming Hospitality

The word “hospitality” might evoke images of cozy dinner parties and benign small talk, but the biblical idea of hospitality is much more robust and comprehensive. In fact, Henri Nouwen claims that “if there is any concept worth restoring to its original depth and evocative potential, it is the concept of hospitality.” In the coming year, we’re going to do just that. This is our year of “reclaiming hospitality.”

For the entire month of September, we’re taking a deep breath to talk together about what it means to truly be hospitable, and how we can each find our role in reclaiming hospitality for the Queen City.

This series is meant to explore how a biblically-robust view of hospitality is at the heart of our purpose and core commitments as a church. As such, we’re taking four weeks to explore how cultivating missional followers of Jesus involves an ongoing commitment to hospitable truth, hospitable community, hospitable creativity, and hospitable justice. As we unpack each commitment, we’ll also be unfolding our goals for the year ahead and the role each of us in this community can play.

September 09 / Truth: What does it look like to be welcoming and open while still radically committed to the truth?

September 16 / Community: Communal hospitality is the Gospel lived out – it is our opportunity to love those who enter into our shared space, those in our neighborhoods, and those around the world.

September 23 / Creativity: How can we steward the stories of our city in a way that shows true love and compassion for home we’re creating for our neighbors?

September 30 / Justice: The power of justice flowing from the Gospel is seen in our collective ownership of truly neighboring well inside our community and out.

Join us as we explore the ways we can Reclaim Hospitality and pursue God for this Queen City.