Seeking Shalom: For The Queen City

In the sixth century BCE, the Jewish people found themselves in a situation of confusion and despair. Rather than living contentedly in the land God had given them, they were living in exile in Babylon. Within this situation, God’s people were tempted either to hate, ignore, or assimilate into city, but the prophet Jeremiah delivered a very different challenge: seek the shalom of the city (Jer 29:7)! Rather than complain or sit on their hands, God wanted his people to be for the city by joyfully pursuing justice, harmony, and wholeness in every relationship and aspect of their lives.

Followers of Jesus today are also in a situation of exile. Although we have already experienced a spiritual homecoming through the liberation of Jesus, we won’t truly be at home in the world until Jesus returns and renews all things. In the meantime, as “foreigners and exiles,” we are invited and challenged to seek the shalom of our city (1 Peter 2:11-17).

For the next few months, we’ll be unpacking how we can all together seek the shalom of our city and act daily to be a church that truly is for the city of Charlotte.