Fully: An Advent Series on Humanity

At the heart of Christianity is Jesus of Nazareth who is both fully God and fully human. While those who do not trust in Jesus deny his full divinity, those who do trust in Jesus often struggle with affirming his full humanity. It seems like we have all a version of Jesus we like best, and for most of us, it’s not the version that emphasizes Jesus learning how to read, feeling angry and sad and annoyed, getting physically exhausted, experiencing real temptations, joking around, and relieving himself. But this fully human, radically dependent Jesus is at the same time the radically independent fullness of God who created humanity in the first place. It’s extremely difficult for us to keep this mystery intact, however, so we often embrace the “fully God” part and ignore the “fully human” part.

If the point of following Jesus is to receive life from him and become like him, then what are the consequences of denying his full humanity when it comes to our daily lives? Stated positively: how might we be equipped for living fully as real human beings by grasping how Jesus lived fully as a real human being? What kind of support and challenge would we glean for our intellectual, emotional, physical, and relational development? How would we be stretched to grow and also to embrace our limits? By focusing on several stories from Jesus life, this Advent series will explore those questions and lead us to live fully like Jesus and therefore like a real, limited, glorious human being.