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October 27 @ 7PM / W242 Coffee Room

Years ago, that dude Journey reminded us, “Don’t stop believin’” He was right – and in order to keep the dream alive, we ought to gather and fake sing! So join us Friday October 27 from 7-10 pm in the Coffee Room for some epic Karaoke.
You must bring an epic song to sing, and a willingness to laugh at yourself – and others. We’ll provide the music as well as an elaborate spread of the finest cheeses and beverages. Bring a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker.
Our newest staff member, Nate Ledbetter, will be throwing down some sweet Backstreet Boys tunes – you won’t want to miss it!
This is an adult only gathering and we are not providing childcare so take care of your business and get prepared. You will not want to miss out on this extravaganza – it will change your life!


Friday, November 03 / 7:00PM

In our loss and suffering, we scramble for understanding, stability, and orientation, yet what we most need is witness. We need presence, because we wrestle better together. We need to know what to do with the fragments left in our hands: fragments of our hopes, our anger, and our confusion. Cries of the Heart will be a time to grieve and to hold space for each other, rather than pursuing quick fixes. We will gather to plant our tears and to re-engage belief in a good Father through prayer, song, and teaching.


One of the ways we love our neighbors is by praying for them. Last week during our Love Your Neighbor event, we relaunched our Prayer Triplets. This is a card you keep in a visible place that will prompt you to pray daily for 3 of your neighbors, and 3 neighbors of 2 more of your friends. If you weren’t there and want to pick up a card, you can find them in the arena, or just ask a staff member for one. Daily prayer can transform lives. We want you to be a part of that.

Stuff You Should Know


Check out our most recent update about Ashley Park PreK-8.

As a part of our mission to cultivate missional followers of Jesus, we are committed to investing in West Charlotte and in key partnerships around the world, and your participation is more important than ever.

Here are some ways you can get involved:
> Link your Harris Teeter VIC Card to Ashley Park PreK-8 School
Join the care team whose job it is to encourage and support the faculty and staff at Ashley Park
Mentor a student in reading. Our goal is to increase from 4 to 15 mentors by the end of February!
>Donate items for the Ashley Park Greater Enrichment Program. Drop them off next week in the barrels at Kids Check-In and in the arena.
> Contribute funds towards the Ashley Park first ever field trip! You can give online (choose West Charlotte in the drop down menu) or drop a check in the offering basket with Ashley Park in the memo. For more info, email Kelly Brunk.
Learn about how you can invest in and support our Dominican, Zimbabwean, and Rwandan neighbors