Into Real Life

After Jesus’ resurrection, there is a fascinating period of forty days during which Jesus interacted with a variety of people. Some of these interactions and conversations were revelatory and awe-inspiring, while some of them were mundane and frankly a bit awkward. We are taking six weeks to look at some of these conversations, not only to become more familiar with this fascinating portion of Jesus’ story, but also to explore what it looks like for us to interact with a risen Jesus in the context of our real life.

 For many people, interacting with a risen Jesus is the farthest thing from real. It seems like fantasy, like something that distracts us from real life. When we read about these stories in the Bible, it is easy for them to remain two-dimensional, just stories in a book. It may seem impossible to bring these interactions with a risen Jesus into the three-dimensional realities of our lives. But what if these interactions and conversations can actually bring us into closer touch with what’s real? What if interacting with a risen Jesus enables us to be more real in our living, our doubting, our relating, our loving, and our dying? Join us as we discover how a risen Jesus, by his Spirit, draws us into real life.