Soul Pollution

Normal is never neutral. In fact, left unexamined and unchallenged, what we consider “normal life” easily and almost inevitably becomes toxic. Often we insist that our normal is necessary and that our lives are healthy when in reality they are becoming more and more polluted.

Beauty is oxygen for the soul, and yet we often view beauty as optional. We choose our polluted normal over the fresh breeze of beauty. What would happen, however, if we let beauty blow through our lives? How would that shake up our normal? What would it feel like to let God work to purify our souls through beauty?

Each week, you can expect our teachers to do four things:

> Describe an aspect of our normal lives that is polluting our souls (e.g. achievement, authenticity, security, etc.)
> Engage with a biblical text that reveals how and why this aspect of normal becomes a soul-pollutant.
> Show how beauty is oxygen for a soul polluted by __________, and how that’s related to the good news of Jesus.
> Prompt our community to encounter beauty through a daily, 10-minute rule of life. 

Each week, we hope that our community will:

> Identify, confess, and take ownership of an aspect of normal that’s polluting their souls.
> Practice a ten-minute rule of life that lets beauty be oxygen for their soul, sharing our experiences publicly to support and challenge each other (#BeautyIsOxygen)

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