Colossal: A Series on the Fullness of Life

The book of Colossians presents one colossal idea: all the fullness of God dwells in Jesus, and that fullness pours into those who trust in him. This idea is colossal partly because it seems out of reach, almost larger than life. How can the fullness of God reside in one person, let alone in me? If that has happened, why is life still such a struggle? Besides, how could I add any more to a life that already feels full?

Life is full; it’s hard to argue with that fact. But what is filling your life? Are you filling your life with things that make you feel complete, or does your life just feel cluttered? Is your full life giving you joy or stressing you out? As Paul writes to the church in Colossae, he unfolds a vision for how to fill our lives in a way that will bring true satisfaction and lasting impact. Rather than going from empty to full, this is a process of going from one kind of fullness to another. In one sense, it happens immediately, and in another sense, it takes daily effort for the rest of our lives.

This series will explore that process by walking through the Newer Testament book of Colossians, considering its one colossal idea, and exploring how to take next steps in filling our lives with the best possible things. What Colossians presents, therefore, is not just a colossal idea, but a colossal way of life that involves moving from self-fullness to Christ-fullness.

Each week, we will using the text as a launching pad to look at moving toward fullness in Christ by practically exploring, growing, and investing. Laying out this clear process of spiritual formation will help us connect the idea of a full, complete life in Christ with the daily routines and rhythms that God uses to get us there.