Escape Velocity: A Series on Ecclesiastes

We all know that life is hard, but what should we do about it? One of the most common strategies is to build rockets that we hope will blast us out of the difficulty, rockets of knowledge acquisition, career success, wealth creation, or healthy living. These rocket building efforts are futile, however, because it’s actually impossible for them to ever achieve escape velocity. We can’t escape or break free from the meaninglessness that permeates our lives. We keep trying, and we keep failing.

If we can’t escape the mess and meaninglessness, how is it possible to live within it? Enter Ecclesiastes. More than any other biblical book, Ecclesiastes is brutally honest about our inability to achieve escape velocity. Rather than falling back into despair, however, Ecclesiastes reveals how it’s possibly to stay grounded and find enjoyment within ordinary things and in God’s presence. God’s plan of salvation never included an escape plan. It’s a recovery plan, a plan to help us become more fully alive within the good world he created.