Neighbors in West Charlotte

We Are Committed to Our City

Warehouse 242 is a church for the city, which means being a church for this particular part of the city here in West Charlotte. We are committed to justice, and we want to invest and serve in a way that expands the capacity of our neighbors to flourish.

When we say “West Charlotte,” we’re referring to neighborhoods within a few miles of our building in the northeastern part of the 28208 zip code. Within these neighborhoods, there is a mixture of generational poverty and wealthy urbanites, boarded-up houses and brand-new craftsman homes, Title 1 schools and cutting edge charter schools, struggling small businesses and successful design firms. A lot is changing, but many people are getting left behind. Not only that, but we continue to be divided by race, even in our churches.

While there are many opportunities to invest and serve in our city, we are focusing right here in West Charlotte, trusting that “when the righteous prosper, the city rejoices” (Proverbs 11:10). We are committed to loving our neighbors by responding to their real needs. Our goal is not merely to provide relief for these needs, but to work together toward long-term rehabilitation and community development. This way of investing in our neighbors is an integral part of our own spiritual formation process.

For further reading about our philosophy, see the following resources:
When Helping Hurts, by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
Toxic Charity, by Robert D. Lupton

The West Charlotte Coalition

Warehouse 242 is a part of a growing collaborative of churches and non-profits called the West Charlotte Coalition, which is committed to advancing justice in West Charlotte in four primary ways: praying together weekly, collaborative events, church-school partnerships, and reconciling relationships.

Beyond our own school partnerships (see below), the best way to be involved in the West Charlotte Coalition is weekly prayer. Weekly prayer currently happens each Wednesday from 12-1pm at Center City Church (located inside the Movement Center, 2225 Freedom Drive). Our purpose is to gather together to pray for the real needs of our neighbors and our city, and to ensure that our “doing” for West Charlotte flows out of our “being” with God. Anyone is welcome to attend—even if it’s just for 15 minutes. If you cannot attend a given Wednesday, but would like to learn more, email [email protected].

Ashley Park PreK-8

Our neighborhood Title 1 school, Ashley Park PreK-8, is located less than two miles from our front door. We have a tremendous opportunity to join our neighborhood faculty and staff to help make all things new for the emerging generations at this school, and you can be involved in three ways:

1 / Collect VIC Card points and Box Tops

Step One: Head to Harris Teeter’s Together in Education web site
Step Two: Log in, or set up your VIC account (*you’ll need your VIC card number handy)
Step Three: Select ASHLEY PARK ELEMENTARY (Code=2179)
Step Four: Shop with confidence knowing that with every qualifying purchase, you are being an advocate for our neighborhood school! And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to look for items with a Box Tops for Education coupon. Cut out those coupons and bring them to church on Sunday and drop them in the Box Tops Box at the Engage Kiosk in our building.

2 / Join the Care Team

We want every faculty and staff member at Ashley Park to have an individual or family who encourages and supports them throughout the year. Fulfilling your role as a care team member can be as simple as periodic notes of encouragement and a gift card on their birthday, but it means the world to these teachers and leaders who are pouring themselves out so that these students can flourish. To learn more and join the care team, let us know you’re interested.

3 / Mentor a student

Of the fifty largest cities in the US, Charlotte is the ranked the worst in socio-economic mobility. That means if a child is born in poverty in Charlotte, they are very unlikely to rise out of poverty. One of the most common factors in breaking that cycle, however, is education, particularly the ability to read. As we seek not merely relief but development here in West Charlotte, mentoring students is one of the most effective ways we can expand their capacity to flourish. To sign up to be a mentor at Ashley Park, first complete the CMS background check, then email us so we can put you in touch with the PTSA.